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A seamless Android app with custom features can serve your purpose. Hire our tech-savvy developers for launching an Android app with high operational efficiency. We are a reputable Android app development company in Bangalore. Increase your business revenues by hiring our Android app developers. We also provide Android-friendly gaming apps with interactive UI.

At Apprient, we are a leader in creating dynamic and highly effective android applications using state-of-the-art technology. We adopt a customer and user-oriented approach to your android application design. By doing this, we have recorded huge success over the years with numerous satisfied customers.

Our results attest that we are the best android app development company in Bangalore. Developing the best android application requires working with an exceptional team. That is why at Apprient we employ professionals to develop your android application. There are billions of applications on Google Play store. We will help you stand out from your competitors and be the best in your app category through our innovative and efficient world class android application designs. Our clean architecture makes future updates to your application feasible without worries.

best android development company in bangalore

Experienced team members

Our team is made of experienced professionals who have several years of experience using tools like android studio, Github, and Jekins. Apprient expert developers develop the most impressive apps using Java and Kotlin programming languages. We help you prepare for the future by using a clean architecture. Defining important functionalities like databases and user interface makes our mobile android applications easy to understand and tweak. You will have no problem when your taste and customer preferences change in the future. Our team also has years of hands-on experience in e-commerce, healthcare, AI, and IoT.

Apprient help businesses save time by producing on-demand mobile android applications in the shortest time possible. We have experience working with startups, large and medium-sized agencies, individuals, and corporations. Like our past clients, our professional android application development services will set your business on its path to unlimited success.

android app development company in bangalore
Android app development Bangalore

Our android development experts have the following skillset:

Why Choose Apprient?

Experience and professionalism

Apprient is an innovative android mobile application development company. We find joy in creating new and improved solutions to long-standing problems. We are professionals with years of experience in user interface design, and server-side integration. We put all this together into delivering the best on every project.

Quality Assurance

Designing an application is one thing, but the best apps are bug-free, user-friendly, and efficiently achieve the purpose for which they were designed. We make sure to test all the applications we design until we are sure that there are no glitches when the app is running. We also provide after launch support serves in case something else pops up.

Devoted support and compliance team

We are careful to ensure that our customers' expectations are met or better still, exceeded. Our team of professionals uses laid down methodologies to understand the details of a project before we design the application.

We meet deadlines

Apprient is the go-to mobile android development company for quick and efficient final product delivery. Our team works with deadlines. We never deliver later than we promised.

Reliable customer support

Our customer service focus on the most basic needs of our customers ensuring that nothing is swept under the carpet as far as our customers' needs are concerned.

Business Model

Our business models at Apprient are designed to suit the needs of our clients.

Fixed Time and Cost Project Model

Material and Time Model

Dedicated Team Model

Our Android Application Development Process

Gathering information

Here we learn the needs of our clients, their goals and objectives to bring these to bear in the application development process.


The next thing we do is develop a wireframe application that expands the details, features and possible options.


Our team starts the design process creating prototypes to give the client a feel of what the actual application will look like.


Using the most efficient android application development procedures and processes, we write codes that form the best applications. We also carry our clients along to ensure that our final product is according to their requirements.

Quality assurance

Testing the applications we have designed is one step that has helped us come up with the best application designs always.


Apprient goes beyond design to maintenance and improvement in the application after launch.

We are always open to getting to know of new ideas that our clients may have for their new Android app. When our clients contact us with an idea for an Android app. The clients can safely leave the technicalities to us, their trusted partner for Android app development. We come up with a winning mobile app solution for them within the pre-defined timelines. You can also contact us to consult with us, and we can recommend the finest of ways in which having an Android app helps your business grow!

Among the most catchy features of Android apps that we come up with at Apprient is that they are mobile optimized and yield a prime performance, irrespective of the screen size, mobile device, operating system, or browser that they are used upon. This is powered by our thorough testing procedures and our in-depth knowledge of a range of technologies, including Kotlin, Java etc.

We have worked with hundreds of clients in various industries and our results speak volumes. Apprient is the android mobile application development company you can rely on.

We have worked with hundreds of clients in various industries and our results speak volumes. Apprient is the android mobile application development company you can rely on.

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