5 Best payment gateways to choose and integrate into your mobile app

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Any business that conducts financial transactions over the internet requires payment gateway integration with their mobile app. The businesses may present their offerings in the format of an online mall or online services. Choosing the best-suited payment gateways is an important question to look into for businesses. 

A money transfer process will necessarily involve a company that processes and supports transactions for other entities. They’d run processing centers for servicing the merchants and will be able to transfer money among banks.

Banks are also involved with a money transfer process. The banks will organize card acceptance points while working with merchants. Debit and credit cards are issued by the banks for the customers.

A few of the top payment systems in the world include American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. The transactions amongst merchants, consumers, banks, and processing centers are supported by these payment systems. For the transaction processes, the payment systems derive their fees from financial institutions.

Services of an intermediary are also essential for a financial transaction. This will be a payment gateway that will accept payments from customers. Let us consider the top payment gateways currently available in the market:


PayPal acquired Braintree in 2013 for USD 800 million and uses their SDK. The Braintree system is used by some of the most popular applications in the world, such as Hotel Tonight, Uber, and Airbnb. Several users consider PayPal as the best payment system in the world. PayPal’s services span nearly the entire world.

The top additional features offered by PayPal pertain to security, PCI compliance, real-time reports, and in-store payments.

While PayPal ensures 3D and Data Security for the users, it also enables strong measures for fraud prevention.

Payment Compliance, or PCI DSS, stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a set of rules for a service to meet if it manages financial transactions. PayPal is a high performer over these terms and is a safe alternative for making financial payments.

PayPal enables white-glove support at the highest level and has representatives available from throughout the world and it further enables third-party integrations that simplify the use of the service.

Several payment methods can be used over PayPal. They include different types of credit or debit cards, such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and UnionPay.

PayPal supports payments through E-wallets such as Apple Pay and local options such as iDEAL.

They further have well-defined, feasible, and reasonable procedures for charging fees, chargebacks, refunds, and payouts. Their services are reliable.

PayPal further becomes advantageous because it is supported over varied client SDK platforms, including iOS, Android, and Web/JavaScript.

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Among the finest payment gateways in the world, Stripe is a fast-growing project. Stripe was initially focused on developers alone. So for the configuration of Stripe, advanced coding knowledge is needed.

But generically, Stripe features a range of favorable characteristics that enhance its utility.

Stripe, like PayPal, is usable from most places across the world and is a preferred option for global payment gateway providers. Stripe further makes over a hundred pre-installed features available that add convenience to the service’s use.

Beyond the fine features for subscription and billing, Stripe makes the Atlas Solution available. The Atlas solution helps merchants initiate an online business and does away with the requirement of excessive paperwork. This makes Stripe a preferred solution for eCommerce businesses and startups.

The Connect Platform similarly brings ease to marketplaces for processing third-party transactions. Startups, in particular, prefer Stripe because it makes a special API available for creating business models and cards.

Just as PayPal, Stripe supports several payment methods, including credit/debit cards, E-wallets, and local payment options.

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Square Capital

Several business owners swear by Square Capital as the best payment gateway for long-existing projects and startups. They prefer it over the conventional, high-popularity, and utility solutions such as PayPal and Stripe, owing to the benefits offered by Square Capital.

Among the most sought-after feature of Square Capital is its simple setup which eliminates the unnecessary configuration steps. Deposits on the very next day; is another feature that comes to be useful on several occasions.

Square Capital is also characterized by strong security features and is among the top payment gateways in the world in this regard. The security measures come in varied formats, such as full data encryption, notification of all suspicious events and activities, constant fraud protection, and PCI compliance at proper levels.

Square Capital also becomes preferable because it is an integrated solution that is usable both offline and online, for solutions such as POS software and readers. The payment gateway also features built-in analytics. It generates in-depth reports for the concerned personnel which helps gauge how effective monetary transactions have been for a pre-defined geographical zone and time.

Payment methods accepted by Square Capital include deposit adjustments and credit/debit cards. Similarly, there are two options for payouts. In the standard option, it is on the next day that the money is credited to the bank account. However, in the urgent option, a 1% commission is charged if one needs to receive the money immediately.

The client SDK platforms that Square Capital supports include Android, iOS, and Flutter. 

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Authorize.net is considered by many to be the best online payment gateway for large projects and small businesses. It’s an electronic platform that facilitates making online payments for eCommerce shopping, website services, and IT products.

Authorize.net is among the most frequently used payment gateways in the world and has over 250K users. Their clients are mainly from Europe, Australia, the US, and Canada. Particularly across North America, Authorize.Net is the most popular payment gateway.

Authorize.net is recognized for promoting an excellent user experience while making payments and induces reliability, speed, and convenience into transactions. Automated billing is one of the top features of Authorize.Net and facilitates the automation of regular payments.

 A client can similarly import transaction calculations directly into an e-wallet, which helps save time and money. Authorize.Net further features strong security measures and comes by as a reliable payment gateway. Among their top security features are PCI compliance, fraud detection, and response system, and confidentiality of information.

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment method offered by Apple, it’s another popular payment method for you to integrate into your iOS or WatchOS apps. It is a simple and secured payment method, its simplicity can delight your customers. It makes faster checkouts using the default saved payment method. A transaction using Apple Pay requires Face Id, Touch Id or your customers can enter a passcode and if your customer takes the watch off the wrist, a passcode must be entered to access payments again.

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