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The use of Android devices to check the weather was one of the most important initial functions. Checking the weather has become a background function, however, a majority of people still rely on smartphones to check weather updates. The following are some of the best weather apps for your smartphone:



Accuweather is one of the main Android weather apps. It provides all-weather information require from Accuweather such as hourly and weekly weather updates. The app has an amazing design with holo light and dark widgets that may blend with your themes. Accuweather is a great application with exceptional features like graphs, radar, maps plus videos forecasts for different regions.


GO Weather Forecast and Widgets

Go Weather is among the most successful, popular and all-time favorite Android weather app. It provides excellent weather updates, alerts and widgets allowing users to switch to their most preferred weather provider. It is free and with highly functional features such as interactive and dynamic maps, accurate weather reports for multiple cities, etc.


Eye in the Sky Weather

Eye in the sky Weather  Android weather app has gained a lot of attention and rightly so because it is a very solid weather app. It provides weather updates through a beautiful and simple design with a DashClock extension. It is a visually appealing weather application. Users sometimes complain about inaccurate weather updates but, all in all, it is a great weather app.



1Weather is a highly rated and popular Android weather app that has been in existence for a while now. It provides basic weather update features and other kinds of information. The app is expertly designed with additional widgets to choose from. 1Weather is available in over 25 languages across the globe with support for DashClock, Android Wear, etc.



WeatherBug is another all-time favorite and popular Android weather app that provided the first-ever complete weather app. It is today free for all users something that made certain paid users uncomfortable. Get periodic weather updates, alerts, forecasts plus things like live weather as well as traffic cams to check out the weather.


Google Now

Google Now is taking over a number of functions on the Android platform including weather. The app provides weather updates from time to time allowing users to request weather information at any time. Google Now is not primarily a weather app, but it is sufficient for the majority of people who need to know what the weather is going to be like out there. It is available for free and is mostly incorporated in Android devices.


InstaWeather for Android Wear

The majority of the weather apps support Android Wear, however, InstaWeather is one of the very best. It helps to get weather functionalities straight to your watch. It showcases the weather on your wrist with plenty of watch faces to choose from.



RadarNow is a simple and fast Android weather app that has the most basic weather forecasts and radar. It accesses direct radar information straight from the National Weather Service (NWS) servers providing raw data instantly with no intermediary weather service involved. It has both paid and free versions.



WeatherPro for Android is a feature packed and simple weather app. It provides periodic weather alerts, forecasts as well as worldwide weather and satellites. It is perfect for making plans such as vacations. WeatherPro has a functional design that is practical with features such as worldwide forecasts, global satellites, dynamic weather maps, etc.


Yahoo Weather

The Yahoo Weather app for Android provides the most captivating graphics and pretty design. It’s improved over the years to offer exceptional features like radar plus other weather alerts and information. It allows users to track the weather in over twenty cities and share the images on Flickr.


There are many other great weather apps with amazing features.


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