How to optimize your apps in the app store

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There are millions of Apps available in the App Store and Google Play. For that reason, it is increasingly becoming difficult to improve the visibility of Apps for potential clients. However incredible your App may be, it may still not be downloaded rapidly. There are millions of Apps downloaded through the App store and with proper App store optimization and improved App store ranking your App will reach your download targets.

There are several methods used to boost the ranking of mobile apps in the app store search results. App store optimization increases the rate of app download due to increased visibility. However, making apps more visible in the app store is not an easy task because of the tight competition from other competitors employing similar methods. The App optimization tools can be particularly effective if you have an incredibly useful app with an elegant design that potential clients will take a deep interest in.

The effective methods of Optimizing your App in the app store include the following:


App Title

Grab the attention of users first with a compelling title for your app that sticks in the minds of users. Once you have their attention only then will they take an interest in the app icon as well as the app description. If the title is not catchy enough, then the icon must be a work of art. What makes a great App title? Well, a great app title has got to be short, easy to understand, imaginative and generally very appealing. You can choose a name, the user will find easy to pronounce and relate to quickly.

For the app name format, your app must be utilizing the max available character limits in iTunes. The current available limit is 30 characters, so you need to make sure to use relevant keywords on the title, as this is one of the most important factors for app discoverability in the app store.



App Subtitle

App subtitle is a new feature available in the iOS 11. The limit for the subtitle is 30 characters, and it comes under the app name. You would be wondering why to use a subtitle? Well in the app store subtitle can provide additional information about your app. It also counts in your app discoverability in the app store.


App Description

Catch the curiosity of your target audience by describing the function of the app in the first line. Include other things like awards total number of downloads to inform of what the app has achieved. Give them a convincing reason to download your app and why it is superior. Make sure the description is comprehensible and appealing and pay attention to any inquiries.

Use online tools such as meatti, to find out the right character limits for your app. Around 90% of the apps in the app store uses 500 plus characters in the app description.



App Category

You can list your apps for primary and secondary categories. You need to choose the relevant category for your app. Some categories like games, you can list for 2 more subcategories. App category is also an important factor for app discoverability.



The unique keywords that are used for searching for apps in that specific class of apps can also be highly effective in App store optimization.

It is recommended to use low competition keywords for the new apps. This improves your app’s visibility as a starter. When your app starts getting more downloads for those keywords, you can go for the high volume keywords, and challenge your competitors.

You can get the search volume using the keyword search tools available for the app store. This will give you a good idea of market size and competition. Make use of the available tools to research for the most unique keywords.

Elegant App Icon

Use your resources to find the experts who will develop the most attractive icon for your app. Your app icon should be trendy with a design that is preferred by users. The app icon is the first thing that represents your brand in the app store. The app icon should be relevant to your product or services. Do a research to know the current design trends and user preferences.  

You can check out Apple’s iOS Human Interface guidelines for best practices.


Incredible Screenshots

There is nothing more appealing to users than to see your app in action and how delightful users are when using your app. The screenshots must be of high quality and a clear reflection of your app description. More than 60% users won’t swipe through the screenshots, you need to make sure to get maximum from the first 2 screenshots. Each and every screenshot must be telling important details about the app. You can also use short captions with the screenshots, if you are using screenshots with the captions, use clean backgrounds, so it will help the user to easily understand your app concepts.




App Preview Video

Adding an app previous video can improve the app installs. If your app supports both iPhone and iPad, it’s recommended to add preview videos for both. In the search results of iOS 11, there can be up to 3 preview videos. Preview videos come before the screenshots, and the first video will play automatically with the sound muted by default.



If your app supports different languages, it will be an additional advantage. As all the users around the globe will not be English speakers. The apps that support localization can perform better, this has been seen from top apps in app store. You can try to support major languages.

Once you have done the localization, make sure to change the other sections in the app store, such as description, screenshots, preview video etc.


Apart from that, you can benefit a lot from better reviews and app rating, therefore, make sure you get people talking about your app. Also, ensure that your app is the right category this is very important because it is the best way not to lose potential users because of placing your app in the wrong category. Keep trying out new methods and optimization tools because it may take some time, but you may just find your app at the top of the App store search results.




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