How to use mobile apps for sales & marketing

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Mobile apps are providing companies with an effective sales and marketing tools with much success. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have thousands of Apps available and companies have no option but to take full advantage of mobile marketing.

Mobile devices have taken over from the conventional desktop computers, PCs as well as laptops as more and more people are able to afford them. There are a variety of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. For companies that wish to keep up with the times specifically the mobile revolution need to target mobile users in order to increase sales. Having a website alone is not enough for sales marketing, since more people access the web from their mobile devices some websites are not responsive for the mobile platform and may not be rendered as required. The Apple platform does not support flash and therefore traditional websites may not be the best strategy.

It is only through an App that any company can capture users who primarily use mobile devices. Already customers of large enterprises are enjoying the convenience of purchasing items straight from the app. Companies such as eBay, Amazon, Target all have apps targeting mobile device users. The medium and small companies also have their own apps now for sales and marketing. It appears every company must consider creating an app in order to tap into this huge market. The mobile apps will generate direct sales and the app needs to be driven for that purpose. The mobile apps need to be engaging and should include sign ups to connect more with users.

Mobile apps are now being used by small businesses as card readers for those that cannot afford expensive credit fees. Therefore the mobile apps have become great selling devices for small businesses like food trucks and many others.

Since the company’s sales force need to be ready every time, mobile apps can be very helpful in that regard. By using cloud storage apps such as Dropbox or Google Drive you can keep sales materials, presentations as well as contact information. This makes the sharing of information on the go easy. This means that customers can instantly get information on anything they need to know about your company. They do not need to set aside time to visit your website later.

There are hundreds of new apps developed daily and the use of mobile apps for sales marketing is increasingly accelerating. Companies have realized significant improvement in sales through the use of mobile apps. It has promoted information sharing as well as lead generation. Every business must take note of the apps available in the market and how they can utilize them as a tool for sales marketing.


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