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When you’re working on a Mobile App development for iOS, Android or any other platforms, you need to think of a marketing strategy and budget that will best suit your needs. The app market receives numerous new apps every day, a fact that guarantees you a harsh competition when you launch yours. With this information, it is essential for you to choose the app marketing tools and resources that will effectively put your App ahead of your competitors.

Just like the many apps available in the market, the app marketing tools are just as many, and so it is crucial that you choose wisely which of the many app marketing tools will propel your app to success.

Here is a list of 8 professional app marketing tools you can use in your app marketing strategy


Before we look at how to market it, let’s look at how reliable your app is. You can successfully get your app out there but end up being greatly disappointed because customers rejected your app. The Crashlytics is a tool that will check your app to ensure that users will not encounter large performance errors or annoying bugs. This platform also analyses the entire stack trace, offering app performance feedback in real-time. This is a useful feature because it will enable you to fix your app immediately you receive the error report.

App Annie for Market Insights

You can only make an informed marketing decision if you have comprehensive market information. And if you want to do so using your performance parameters, then you need the App Annie. This tool uses its intelligence and connects platforms to combine the data from your app with its wide-ranging market information, high-tech data system, and in-depth data foundation to give a comprehensive roadmap to your app.

Its features include:

  • Broad access to vital app market information that contains in-app analytics, demographic and publically reported data
  • Analyses performance to identify new players in the app market and track competitor performance, and optimize marketing strategies accordingly
  • Monitors competitive market share on such parameters like app downloads, usage, and revenue
  • The tool analyses global market trends and identifies countries that register vast growth rates, promptly monitoring changes taking place in the app market
  • App Annie filters app users by their age and gender and cross-examines the usage patterns to comprehend the demographic behavior to improve the marketing efforts

AppAnnie app rankings

Branch Metrics

Branch Metrics is an app marketing tool used to enhance the perfect functioning of links irrespective of where they are; whether on a native app or a website. One of branch metric’s strong point is deep linking, which allows a link to link directly to a specific product of a web page, and the opposite is a non-deep link, and it relates only to the homepage.

Its major features include:

  • It creates perfect marketing links that are effective everywhere
  • Allows for deep-links that work in all standards

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is ranked the top best analytical platform. It provides the best and most reliable digital analytics tools used to measure and fully optimize user acquisition and engagement with Android and iOS apps. Google supports mobile and desktop app developers, publishers, and advertisers.

Its features include:

  • Gives an approximated number of active users who have downloaded the app, and provides demographic customer characteristics
  • Monitors the actions of the users within the app
  • It measures the number of purchase made from within the app and tracks the revenue
  • Compiles reports specifically for industries and businesses
  • Creates a visual presentation of navigation paths by the users within the app

IBM Xtify

IBM Xtify is an easy-to-navigate platform used to develop custom push and location-triggered notifications for native apps. The tool executes these notification campaigns based on business rules, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data, and customer characteristics. It is a powerful marketing tool that brings marketers an effective channel to engage their app users by displaying the relevant content to the appropriate app users with precision.  

Here are some of its features:

  • It has the universal support that makes the tool work correctly on all major mobile app platforms
  • It builds relevant and dynamic messages using the customer segment data, triggered by location, the frequency of delivery, schedule, and app usage
  • Xtify measures app engagement campaigns by users based on characteristic analytics like how often the app opened, and message viewed


If you want to analyze user characteristics on your product, Inapptics is the tool you need. Inapptics platform enables you to explore what users are doing within your mobile app, and it gives specific data like where the user taps while using the app, where they swipe or touch, which button they press, and which screens they visit.

The platform gives vital information that, if used effectively by the app marketers or the product engagement team, can be used to improve user experience and boost customer engagement within the app.

Its features include:

  • It shows you how visitors navigate your app; which part of your app they love (visit) the most
  • Inapptics creates visual funnels and set goals, and measure the completion rates by users. It will also show what happened to users who couldn’t complete, or attain their funnel goals
  • It gets app crash reports via slack and displays crash replays
  • Inapptics views all app user list and can browse through their sessions

Inapptics Analytics

App Radar

App Radar is a tool used to optimize your mobile app in app stores, optimizing your app in app stores is a fundamental step as it increases the chances of your app recognition by users, and being downloaded. It is an app store optimization platform that offers a streamlined workflow on different app stores to enhance app visibility and organic reach; it works across many app stores at the same time.

Some of its features include:

  • It’s an app store optimizer that analyses metadata of apps to boost app store listings for enhanced visibility
  • It translates metadata to collect the relevant store metadata within the platform
  • It has an Artificial Intelligent-powered ASO tool that helps in keyword suggestions as well as app store optimization tips
  • This platform compares vital parameters and keyword ranking of their competition to stay ahead in the market
  • App Radar sends keyword ranking reports via Slack or email messaging regularly
  • It can manage app in every language

Appradar Keywords Rankings


Segment app is a tool or a platform that helps you to send your customer information, where it most effectively, and you can collect data mobile, web, or cloud apps and load it onto Segment, after which you can dispatch it to hundreds of tools for marketing and other activities.

This platform features include:

  • Integration is a one-time thing; you will no longer worry about APIs
  • If you are using segment, you can be sure that you’ll never suffer data loss
  • You get to test your integration with a live debugger
  • You get to see the whole process from data collection to translation and delivery

So, choosing the right app marketing tools are very import for your mobile app advertising campaigns, you need to make the right selections as required. You get market stats, as well as the right target market for your mobile app business.


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